Your new smile is waiting for you at our office! Our dentist and team enjoy helping our patients improve their oral health, appearance and function with a variety of treatments, including dental bridges, crowns, implant restorations and Invisalign®. You can see examples of our dental work in Omaha, Nebraska, in our gallery and you can call 402-498-0400 for your free consultation with Dr. Jared M. Homan.

Composite Bonding

That gap between your teeth can affect more than just the appearance of your smile. It can also trap food. We use tooth-colored bonding material to solve that problem in a single appointment.

Corrective Crowns

A damaged or poorly designed crown can inflame your gums causing you discomfort and oral health problems. A gum lift combined with properly contoured crowns allowed this patient to feel good about his smile again.

Cosmetic Crowns

Over time, teeth can become discolored for a variety of reasons. We used two cosmetic crowns, made from beautiful translucent ceramics, to give this smile a new lease on life.

Dental Implants

Even Mother Nature can make mistakes! Some teeth may not form correctly while others never form at all. This patient’s smile was restored using a dental implant and a beautiful ceramic crown.

Gum Lift

Whether the problem developed naturally or as a result of an orthodontic treatment, a gummy smile can be corrected with a simple gum-lift. You can enjoy a lovely smile with no additional treatments or materials!

Restorative Crown & Bridge

Missing teeth and gaps not only age your smile but can make it difficult to enjoy your favorite meals and snacks. We can use all-ceramic crowns and bridges to restore your smile’s form and function while giving you a more youthful appearance.