Extractions in Omaha, NE

Why is tooth extraction necessary?

Most tooth extractions are necessary to remove teeth that become infected, cause pain, or need to be removed to make way for other dental treatments.

When is tooth extraction necessary?

Tooth extractions are necessary when you are in immense pain, when a tooth is infected deep within the gums, or when a tooth is crowding other teeth that need to be removed.

What does a tooth extraction procedure involve?

There are several options to consider for replacing a missing tooth.

- A dental implant is an artificial tooth replacement.

- A dental bridge is a fixed device used to replace multiple missing teeth.

- Dentures are a removable option.

- A dental crown is a restorative option used to repair a tooth.

After tooth extraction, what can I do?

After tooth extraction, if it is necessary, the dentist will fit you for a removable or fixed bridge. A removable bridge can be taken out and cleaned. A fixed bridge is permanently joined onto the neighboring teeth.

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